Welcome to Quad State Golf Tour

We are a new four state golf tour that is now forming.  We envision being in four states, but for now we will focus on building the tour in Oklahoma.  The first tournaments will be held in the Tulsa metroplex. 

This tour is open for any level of golfer UP TO A 30 HANDICAP.  The handicap system we are using will make it an even playing field for everyone.  To participate in the Quad State Golf Tour, you must be a registered member.  To join click here.


April 23rd 2016-- TBA


To play in these golf tournaments you must be a member of the Quad State Golf Tour (To become a member click here or click on the Membership tab in the menu) and you must register and pay the entry fee for the particular tournament(s) you want to compete in (To register for a particular tournament click here or click on the Tour Schedule tab in the menu).

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